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News from Talbot House

Talbotousians – In War and Peace

Landscapes | Feel Flanders Fields

New temporary exhibition starting 30th of April

In the Slessorium exhibition you discover how Padre Tubby Clayton remained involved with his Talbotousians long after the Great War finished. With a distinctive name (Talbotousians), he refers to former visitors of the Every Man’s Club who have either made it home and try to rebuild their lives or are still resting in Flanders Fields today. For his Talbotousians who got back home, Tubby created over 1.000 Toc H-clubs for them to meet. The ‘Elder Brethren’ who fell in battle, Tubby brings over their families and friends on a pilgrimage. Ten of their final resting places are visualised in a virtual pilgrimage with contemporary photos.

In Tubby’s ‘Dining Room’ you discover the colourful life story of our founder Tubby Clayton. Using extraordinary witness accounts of some of his closest friends, this renewed documentary takes you on journey through the new Toc H-clubs, his life on Tower Hill and even the Royal Palace. Especially the wonderful footage of the pilgrimages to the former battlefields and the graves of his friends stands out.

Through a new online database, you are invited to check if your relatives are mentioned in Tubby’s archives of the time. Perhaps they too walked through the doors of Talbot House. The list is a continued work in progress.

In the summer of 2023 a new cycle and car route will take you on a modern day pilgrimage in Flanders Fields.

This project is part of “Landscapes, Feel Flanders Fields“, a project by Westtoer & Visit Flanders.

New works in the House

The year 2023 is currently well underway and there have been a couple of novelties we would like to tell you about. A lot of painting work has been done in and around the house, we got a renewed museum entrance and shop and plenty of rooms have received a new look. There are also a couple of joyous celebrations we’re having at the start of this year and we’re also looking for new storytellers. We hope to welcome you all back at Talbot House!

Renewed shop entrance

At the start of this year, the museum entrance of the Concert Hall had to undergo some work. The old gate received a new glass door and sign. These renewals, just like those of the shop, are part of provincial subsidies to improve the visitor experience.

New shopfitting

Just like the museum entrance, the front office and museumshop received a proper facelift to the design of Crayon. All furniture got changed and desk manager Ilana got a totally new desk to welcome our visitor in a charimng way. Do visit our shop and see some of the new items we have to offer

Double rooms

Double beds are now available in four of our rooms, two double rooms and two family rooms. This way, we increase the sleeping comfort of our guests. All rooms stay available with single beds on request.


Events at Talbot House

Brunch – presenting the new Talbotousians exhibition – choir concert

Sunday 30th of April 2023 at 8:30 am.
Come and enjoy a real Talbot House tradition, our delicious brunch. As usual, a large buffet full of tasty snacks is awaiting our guests. Next to quiches and pastries straight out of the AGA, there will be a wide variety of fruitsalads, cheeses and charcuterie, delicious juices and a glass of cava. Don’t worry, the famous Talbot House omelette won’t be missing! Join us at the table in the historic Dining room, our terrace or in our beautiful garden. The buffet is open from 8:30 am until 11 am.

We also kick off celebrations regarding the coronation of Charles III with an exciting concert of the Belgian division of the British Military Wives Choir at 10 am.

At 11 am we will have the grand opening of our new exhibition: Talbotousians in war & peace.


Coronation Party & High Tea

We honour King Charles III with a typical Britse dag.
Sunday 6th of May at 10 am.

Join us in celebrating the coronation of King Charles III in our British Club in Poperinge, Belgium. We start the day with a cup of tea and shortbread whilst we watch the parades and service on a large screen. There is a royal coronation buffet lunch with some great produce from the motherland. This way we do not have to miss anything from the spectacle. For the Royal Toast, we gather in the garden where we can continue the celebrations. Of course we are not missing out on the balcony scene.

In the afternoon, optional, we invite you to join our delicious High Tea with scones, cucumber sandwiches & pastries in their traditional style. Tea is served in the historic Dining Room of Talbot House at 15:00.

Keen to join in? Please book a seat on

Coronation Party: € 20 – High Tea: € 25
Coronation Party & lunch with High Tea: € 45



Garden Party

Saturday 3rd of June at 2 pm.

The Talbot House Garden Party, the highlight of the summer, is back again. We commence the afternoon with an introduction on various past, present and future projects. During the Garden Party, our Talbotousians get the chance to mingle. Enjoy a lovely garden reception in the largest room of the House. Our AGA is making overtime to provide you with lovely cakes. The highlight of the afternoon will certainly be the concert by Band of the The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. The central theme will of course be the coronation of HRH King Charles III.

This event is free for all members of the Talbotousians. Keen to join? Find out more here or send an email to


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