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The Old Talbot House Foundation

The Old Talbot House Foundation celebrates and promotes Tubby Clayton’s important message: that fellowship, hope and humanity can be found in the darkest of times – irrespective of rank, religion or status.

Talbot House itself is owned and run by a Belgian charity, the Talbot House Association, which focuses solely on the challenge of keeping Talbot House operational. Talbot House relies mainly on income from visitors and residents for operational support.

At the Old Talbot House Foundation we wish to do three things:


Firstly, we wish to generate a level of annual subsidy to Talbot House, to ensure its independence and resilience in challenging times.


Secondly, to offer a safety net to Talbot House for significant capital projects. These projects could include structural repairs to conserve the fabric of the House, upgrade technology within the House and to invest in the exhibition spaces which share the stories of Tubby and Talbot House.


Thirdly, we wish to continue to promote the ethic of Talbot House, Tubby Clayton’s writings and the archive. We believe that these are very relevant to the challenges of the contemporary world and that we can promote his values and work through education and by funding academic fellowships.

To achieve these aims, we must increase our current levels of capital investment significantly.

As a London based charity, we are able to reach out to the diaspora of 2nd and 5th Armies: the grandchildren of the men (British and Commonwealth) who fought in the Ypres salient and who passed through the doors of Talbot House.

We believe that you will recognise not only the importance of preserving the House, but also the importance of preserving the legacy.

Please support this important work by making a donation today

You can support us in two ways:

  • By making a one-off, capital donation
  • By making a suggested annual donation of £40

If you would like to give more or wish to discuss your donation, please contact

For both of these options, you can either pay online using a credit or debit card, or you can send us a cheque.

To make an online payment, you will be taken to our PayPal web page by clicking the button below.

If you prefer to send a cheque, please make it payable to The Old Talbot House Foundation and send it to:

Orchard House
Holcombe Hill

You can make your donation go further by allowing us to claim Gift Aid on your donation, at no extra cost to you.

Gift Aid is a UK government scheme that allows charities to reclaim the tax that has already been paid on donations from UK taxpayers. If you choose to Gift Aid, the government will add an extra 25p to every £1 you give to The Old Talbot House Foundation.

If you donate online, you will be asked to Gift Aid when you make your donation; you do not need to do anything else. 

If you would like to send a cheque and allow us to claim Gift Aid you can download and either print the form to send with your cheque or email a digital copy of the form to

Please remember we do need your full name and home address to allow us to claim Gift Aid.

Leaving a gift in your Will, no matter what size, will help inspire future generations to keep Tubby’s work alive.

Writing a Will is usually a simple process, but we would recommend that you seek advice from a qualified solicitor. You can visit the Remember A Charity website to find out more.

If you do choose to leave a gift in your Will, please do let us know by emailing or writing to us. We would love the opportunity to thank you for remembering us. Any information shared is treated in complete confidence.

Our Fundraising Promise

Your donation will help fund and support The Old Talbot House Foundation; this includes both our own work and the direct support we provide to Talbot House.

We will respect your wishes at all times.

Please see our Privacy Statement and how we use your data.

We will never sell your personal data or swap it with any other organisation and we will use your details in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

We adhere to the Fundraising Code of Practice and are honest, respectful and accountable to our supporters.

Your gift will preserve the spirit of fellowship for future generations.